Good Day John,

I hope that my email finds you well.

I am getting in touch today to advise you that Kiev Real Estate Recovery Fund has been selected for inclusion in Wealth & Finance INTL’s upcoming 2017 Real Estate 100, as the exclusive winner within Ukraine.

Institutional investors from around the world are flocking to the commercial property markets for safe investments and strong long term returns. Our 2017 Awards are a tribute to the dedicated managers and their firms who have delivered successful investment strategies and provided strong yields consistently throughout the year.

Our research team have spent the last few months looking for just 100 companies who over the past 12 months (August 2016 – August 2017) have stood out from the crowd. As part of our in-depth selection process, our research team were particularly interested in those managers and advisors that have;

  • Proven successful investment strategies
  • Provided real returns for investors
  • Broken the mould for innovation
  • Demonstrated excellent money management and advisory services
  • Posted positive returns during 2017

The team initially shortlisted just under 250 firms for consideration and I’m delighted to announce that Kiev Real Estate Recovery Fund has made it into our top 100 and as the exclusive firm in Ukraine.

We will be publishing details of the top 100 in November both on our website and in our digital publication which will is distributed to our 135,000+ circulation.

As we are not a pay to play scheme, we are delighted to offer you a personalised winners’ certificate and the full copyright to the award title, entirely free of charge. However, if you would like to capitalise on your award win, Wealth & Finance INTL can provide you with the perfect platform from which to build on your award win, giving you access to more than 135,000 investment and finance professionals around the world.  

Have a great day.

Kind regards,

Mia Broadbent – Media Executive
Wealth & Finance International