Management & Advisory Services

Advisory & Consulting

KRER provides a wide range of advisory and consulting services to real estate investors including:

  • Purchase support & identification of the targets that fit your investment strategy
  • Targeted acquisition through our network of trusted and approved brokers
  • Asset analysis and opinion of value
  • Rental income projection
  • Specific asset buy-sell strategy
  • Property management investment advisory


Renovation and design services that take you completely through the process – and by far have the greatest impact on the property’s yield and resale values.  Service includes full cost estimates, audit of materials used, audit of quantities and reconciliation of payments.

Property Maintenance

The company conducts all of its own property maintenance functions and is on hand 24/7 to service it’s tenants. KRER uses a combination of our own handymen, contractors, designers and a variety of independent consultants that provide our customers with responsive, quality work at reasonable prices. Our 24-hour emergency services allow tenants to contact us at all times of the day or night for repairs or any other concerns. We are available to provide these services to prospective clients either at our owned properties or as a third-party service for owners.

Leasing Services

KRER proactively markets vacancies for our owned apartments and certain others through our network of local brokers and ads in online media. Word of mouth and out extensive contacts with the local embassy/diplomatic corps and the expat community are also employed. Lastly, those who have notified KRER of interest in our buildings are placed on a prospective tenants list and contacted with new offerings. Our extensive connections within the local expatriate and diplomatic community enable us to tap into a broad pool of higher-paying tenants.


KRER handles all rent collection through our staff members, who ensure that rents are collected on time. If necessary, late fees are handled and charged to tenants, however, given our blue-chip diplomatic client base we rarely, if ever, need to enforce these charges. Most diplomatic tenants pay in advance so this facet of our business is usually much more simplified that in other regions with more typical tenant pools.