Increased Mortgages, Prices, Retail Trade

Increased Mortgages, Prices, Retail Trade
Under a new government programme, mortgages are now available at 7%, maximum amount $76,000, 20 years, and down payment 15%. Loans are now issued for the purchase of residential property in the construction phase in the primary market, or the secondary market.
Average Kyiv apartment prices continue to rise.  Please note these figure are the average of all regions, not CBD Kyiv. (-1 for number of bedrooms)
* One-room apartments have risen in price to $ 1,770 / m2
* Two-room apartments to $ 1,759/m2
* Three-room apartments to $ 1803 / m2
* Four-room apartments to $ 2681 / m2).
During the research, experts analyzed 28,744 apartments for sale.
Retail trade turnover increased by 12.3% January-September 2021.


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