Kyiv rose to 87th place Best Cities Reports 2021

Kyiv rose to 87th place Best Cities Reports 2021
According to the rating of Best Cities Reports 2021, Kyiv rose from 139th to 87th place. For the first time, the Ukrainian capital was included in the top-100 Best Cities lists.
  •  The cost of construction has risen
At a panel discussion, Anna Laevska, Commercial Director of Intergal-Bud, that the cost of housing construction has increased. The cost of housing construction has increased by 100-120 dollars per square meter over the past month.
  •  “Rejuvenation” of the buyer in the primary market
The average age of buyers of apartments in the primary market has decreased. Today it is mostly 25+ and increasing requirements for construction projects. Commercial Director of Intergal-Bud Anna Laevska reported such data. Today the buyers are young people of creative professions. They travel a lot and expand their knowledge about construction, housing formats, and people’s lives abroad. They want to receive such conditions in Ukraine as well. They pay attention to the quality of service, carefully weigh all the disadvantages and advantages. Buyers want to buy comfort, reliability, a community of like-minded people, and more.
  •  Builders’ salary increase by 40%
According to developers, the salaries of builders in Ukraine will increase by 30-40%. Construction is one of the main spheres of Ukraine’s economy. As more than 1 million Ukrainians are working on construction sites in Eastern Europe, a salary increase of least 30 % can return up to 200-300 thousand Ukrainians to the domestic construction market, which will also be a plus for construction development.

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