Farmers bring in record wheat harvest

Farmers bring in record wheat harvest
 “Phenomenal yields” are pushing Ukraine’s wheat harvest to an all time record this summer, the Canada-based Western Producer news site reports in an article headlined: “Ukraine shines as Black Sea wheat takes hit.” Russia’s harvest may drop 4% to 82 million tons and Kazakhstan production is to fall to 12 million tons. In contrast, Grain Trade Ukraine predicts a 32 million ton crop for Ukraine – 11% higher than the previous record: 28.8 million tons in 2019.
 With wheat threshed from three quarters of the planted area, Ukrainian wheat farmers are seeing a 14% yoy jump in yields:  4.55 tons / hectare, compared to 3.98 t / ha last year. In Khmelnytskyi and Volyn regions, yields are hitting 6.06 t / ha. Thanks to the same favorable weather, barley yields are up 10% compared to last year.
 Concorde Capital’s agricultural expert Andriy Perederey writes: “Favorable weather this season is pushing grain yields higher…agriculture will be among the key drivers of Ukraine’s GDP growth this year.”
 Underlining Ukraine’s role as a world food power, exports of all grains are expected to hit 56 million tons, from a record harvest of 75.8 million tons, the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry predicted on Monday. During the current 2021-2022 market year, Ukraine expects to export 21 million tons of wheat and 31 million tons of corn. By contrast, Russia expects to export 37 million tons of wheat, according to SovEcon, the Moscow-based agricultural consulting company.

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