Average Salaries +30% YOY

Average Salaries +30% YOY
🔵 The average nominal salary in April 2021 was up almost 30% yoy, reaching the hryvnia equivalent of $493, reports that State Statistics Service. With Ukraine’s average salary expected to cross $500 in May, Russia’s average salary is stalled at $713. In Ukraine, the fastest growing sectors were IT and science, where salaries were up 48% yoy in April.
🔵 UDP developers are moving ahead with three ‘IT cities’ – in Lviv, Kharkiv and Kyiv, said the company vice president, Vitaliy Melnyk. In September, the company will open its 18,000 square meter ‘business campus’ at LvivTech.City. With a total planned buildout of 110,000 square meters, the company plans to start residential construction this fall.
🔵 UNIT.City Kharkiv is to be twice as big, with 250,000 square meters of space, Melnyk told the press office of UFuture, the parent company. On this 9-hectare site, 3,000 square meters of school and office premises have opened.
🔵 At Kyiv’s UNIT.City, 100,000 square meters of office and residential space are under construction or completed. In coming weeks, Japanese-Dutch architect Hiroki Matsuura plans to open his Main Plaza, a 5,500 square meter central square for UNIT.City.

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