Ukraine to Launch new court to settle non-performing loans

Ukraine to Launch new court to settle non-performing loans

By James Brooke, UBN

🔵 Aiming to cut nonperforming loans in half by 2023, Ukraine is speaking with the IMF about creating a special financial court to settle bank loan disputes, Central Bank Governor Shevchenko told Reuters on Monday. The portion of bank loans judged non-performing is 42%. “That is why we are now discussing the option of creating a specialized court or chamber of the court in Ukraine, which will consider issues between creditors and borrowers, as well as between investors and recipients of investments,” he said.

🔵 Farming profits jumped 48% yoy, to $2.1 billion last year, according to the Agrarian Economics Institute. Boosting the sector, profits from crop production grew by 55%. Livestock production was down. Winners were: sunflower producers – profits were $753 million; wheat – $678 million; corn – $425 million; canola – $235 million; and milk – $135 million. From 2016-2018, farming profits averaged $2.6 billion. Losers were: egg producers down $175 million; cattle – $50 million; pigs — $25 million; and chickens down $12.5 million.

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