KRER – Kiev Real Estate Recovery Fund

KRER offers a unique opportunity to invest in premium, centrally-located properties at historically low prices. Kiev Real Estate Recovery Fund focuses on Property Investment, Management, Advisory, Maintenance as well as Leasing & Rental Services. We are proud to have an accomplished, dedicated management team that have committed a significant portion of the capital. KRER interests are 100% aligned with investors and we are solely compensated by management fees. We are non-salaried, based in Kiev, experienced and connected. We have extensive local knowledge – The fund is on the ground, well connected with local brokers (who know and trust us) and has executed the buying process many times – We achieve at least 20-30% off listed market prices due to our connections and response time. Kiev Real Estate Recovery Fund has Strong links, and access to, the main ministers and foreign members of the current government – Extensive links to the investment banking community – Deep-rooted relationships with key commercial & corporate banking executives.

Kiev Real Estate Recovery Team

Management Team

Dedicated management team – Management and Principals have committed a significant portion of the capital – Interests are 100% aligned with investors – Based in Kiev, experienced and connected

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Supervisory Board

Represented by the Management Team and two Investor Representatives who have contributed significant capital to the fund.

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